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Jardene Stud Rams
Breed Facts
Lambplan & Sales

  Maternal Sires to meet market expectations!

Bred to Breed!
Bred for Performance!
Bred for Australian Conditions!

  • High Lambplan indexes to suit your production
  • Versatile and Easy Care
  • Distinctive Style and Conformation
  • High Fertility
  • High Lambing Percentages
  • Excellent Lamb Production
  • Carcass - today's well muscled lean lamb
  • Wool - long, stylish, lustrous fleece
  • The No. 1 Crossing Sire in Australia
  • Maximum profits

The Border Leicester First Cross Ewe gives:

  • Hybrid Vigour
  • Higher Lambing Percentages and Greater Lamb Survival Rates
  • Better Milking Ability and Unparalleled Mothering Ability
  • Easy Care Sheep
  • Larger Lean Lambs
  • Rapid Growth Rate
  • Heavier Wool Clip
  • Premiums on Sale Ewes

Jardene Flock Rams - bred in the paddock and tough enough!!

The Bottom Line
All of these factors add up to easier management of first cross producing flocks by using Jardene Border Leicester Rams.  That means only one thing – higher financial returns.

Phone now and discuss your needs.  Digital photos are available for  emailing or viewing on the property is most welcome.


  • One of our stud rams
  • his index is 130!



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