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For the first time buyer

If you are a first time Border Leicester buyer and would like to have more"one on one" information - please call us and we will arrange a visit to our stud where we will explain the various opportunitites of first cross breeding. Phone 08 85 362 059.

Border/Merino First Cross

The second most populous breed of sheep in Australia comprises the ewe progeny from Border Leicester rams mated to Merino ewes (First Cross). Excellent returns are currently being received for the first cross ewe and its offspring.

Border/Merino ewes produced in this way offer the greatest overall performance when breeding meat type sheep, with a well proportioned carcase, high fertility, robust constitution and good milk production.

Another feature of the Border/Merino is its fleece of fine crossbred wool which, although not as heavy or valuable as pure Merino wool, is still an important contributor to overall financial returns from these sheep.

Border/Merino ewes are mated to shortwool rams (e.g. White Suffolks) which have an ideal carcase shape and grow rapidly to market weights. The vast majority of Australian lambs produced for meat are bred in this manner.

Breed Information

Border Perhaps the best description of the Border Leicester breed can most easily be given from the detailed account of a 18 month old ram.

He will stand tall and bold.. He has a wide level back, well and evenly fleshed that is firm under the hand, well sprung ribs, with a level underline.

The head is important, and indicates the presence or absence of the robustness of constitution, and the ability to grow and mature rapidly. The head should be thoroughly masculine with a well developed muzzle, and the nostrils should be wide and black.

The eye should be clear, bold and dark, the crown smooth and clear of wool, the ears should be of good length carried at an alert angle and covered with hair.

Teeth should be regular and meet the pad, neither undershot not overshot.

The neck, tapering nicely from the head, should be strongly set at the shoulders, and the back should be long, level and well fleshed. The gigot should be well filled.

The legs must be squarely set under the body, strong with clean flat bones, covered with white hair, and free from wool. The feet should be sound and dark in colour.

The whole body should be evenly covered with white wool of even quality, densely planted and of a good length at 20cm in a mature sheep.

If the ram has all these desirable characteristics he will be evenly balanced, be able to move freely, and carry himself with style.

The description may be applied to the Border Leicester ewe, making due allowance for the difference in sex. She is, of course, sweeter and milder in countenances, and less strongly built than the ram, but she must have that size and substance which are inseparable from a sound and robust constitution.

The live weight of the mature ram will range from 125 to 150 kgs, and that of the mature ewe 80 to 100 kgs. The fleece in the case of the rams weighs from 5.4 to 9kgs, and that of females from 3.6 to 6.4kgs, grade of wool 29.25 to 32 Micron.











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