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The aim of the Prime SAMM Stud breeder is to breed well balanced sheep that :

  • are hardy
  • grow quickly and produce lots of lambs
  • have plenty of meat on a big frame with minimal fat
  • carry soft white wool that stands up to Australian conditions. 

The type of sheep needed by the Merino wool growers to fill a niche market for.

Prime SAMM : Wool Sheep that Grow Meat !


  • Prime lambs suitable for both domestic lamb market or heavy export trade.
  • Self replacing meat/wool flock
  1. Non seasonal breeder - ewe lambs are able to be mated at 9 months of age
  2. Lambing percentages of 150% and higher are common
  3. High  feed conversion rates and non selective grazer.
  4. Excellent temperament and ideal for feed-lot practices
  5. Average wool micron of 21-23 free of kemp and coloured fibres
  6. Exceptional in dry conditions needing minimum supplementary feeding even in drought.


The University of Western Australia has carried out scientific comparisons of SAMM sired progeny with Border Leicester, East Friesian, Merino and Poll Dorset sired lambs, out of Merino ewes. After a 22 day controlled feed experiment:

  • SAMM sired lambs had the highest weight gain (359 g/day) and best feed efficiency (5.36:1), requiring 690 g less pellets for each kg of liveweight gain than the next best sire breed.
  • When comparing the expected fertility, fecundity, rearing ability, growth rates, carcase quality and wool production for these breeds over the next 3 years, the SAMM sired progeny were predicted to come out well on top.


For the First Time Buyer

If you are a first time SAMM buyer and would like to have more"one on one" information - please call us and we will arrange a visit to our stud where we will explain the various opportunitites of SAMM dual purpose breeding.

Phone 08 8536 2059.

Last update 21st November 2006





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