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The White Suffolk is an Australian breed developed for Australian conditions. It was developed from breeding programs involving the Suffolk breed, initially, crossed with white breeds.

The ideal prime lamb terminal sire in wide-ranging areas and environments of Australia, the White Suffolk gives outstanding results in all types of agricultural areas.

Ease of Management

The clean face and points (free of wool) of White Suffolk sired lambs means you will have minimal grass seed problems.


White Suffolk rams are renowned for their natural fertility and libido and can be mated at any time of the year. When mated to White Suffolk sires, ewes will have minimal lambing problems.

The smooth functional shape of the White Suffolk means the production of a high percentage of robust lambs.

The result is more lambs dropped and more lambs through to marketable weights.

Wool & Skins

White Suffolks are noted for their high quality, white, Downs type wool.

Elite Lamb

White Suffolk sired lambs are ideal for the Elite lamb requirements at carcass weights of 25kg and heavier, they still produce high yielding, lean carcasses.

White Suffolk rams also produce ideal lambs for the domestic trade, with feedback from the wholesale and retail; meat trade confirming the breed's suitability for all types of Australian conditions.

Growth Rate

Growth rates are high and improve every year the the wide adoption of Lambplan and objective measurements to identify top yielding sires.

The Bottom Line

Jardene Stud has embraced all of the above requirements when breeding rams for your use. This means easier management of lamb
producing flocks by using Jardene White Suffolk rams.

and that means only one thing:

higher financial returns, or more dollars in your pocket.





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